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Experion HS

Experion HS

Experion HS is a powerful software platform that incorporates innovative applications for Human Machine Interface applications (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). Built upon the proven technologies of the Experion platform, Experion HS is an integrated and affordable solution for smaller unit operations.

Experion HS extends Experion's proven technology to meet the demands of specific industry segments. Experion HS efficiently fulfills the requirements of small to medium size applications. It is an easy and intuitive solution that can be used by plant managers, plant maintenance engineers, process engineers and operators in many industries including oil & gas, mining, metals & minerals, chemicals, life sciences, power, cement & glass and food & beverages.


Features and Benefits

The infrastructure improves operator efficiency and productivity:

·          Pre-built standard displays (including process group, point detail, trend, alarm and set point programmer displays) reduce configuration time.

·          Intuitive and flexible HMI meet even the most demanding needs for process graphics, display navigation and alarm presentation.

·          User-configurable pull-down menus and toolbars promote easier, intuitive navigation to process data.

·          Enhanced trending for up to 32 pens simultaneously and event markers provide operators with a comprehensive view of the plant.

·          On-board historian collects history and events, enabling instant access to reliable and accurate process data.

·          Open architecture based on commonly used industry standards and the Microsoft Excel add-in provide greater choice in generating reports from process data.
 Integrated configuration environment enabling offline and online configuration changes minimize process disruption.


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SpecView 32

SpecView, configuration, monitoring, archiving, data acquisition, graphics, UDC 2500, UDC3500, DPR100, DPR180, DPR250, HC900, X Series Paperless Recorders, PLCs etc.
Automated recipe system
Data archiving
Batch reporting system
Custom display capability
             - Automatic "Instrument View" generation

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